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See below all the latest news on our products including new version releases, conferences where we have exhibited or given keynote presentations, new installations and updates, press releases, published articles and news about our strategic alliances with world-wide business partners. Also, please take the time to review our news archives, articles and case studies sections.



2018 News:


The .Net version of RCM Turbo is now ready for release. RCM Turbo now includes a module for determining lubrication frequency and amount. An even more intuitive user interface and improved reporting are features of the new version. Even the largest databases load very quickly and navigation around any database is simpler than ever.


The new release of SOS .Net is also available! SOS is now faster, even more intuitive and just as effective as it has always been in optimizing spare parts levels.


Queensland Nitrates invests in RCM Turbo and SOS.


Use of SOS and RCM Turbo within the NSG Group has expanded to Cebrace operations in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. These unique float glass facilities are now benefiting from better maintenance decisions using the Strategic methodologies.



Wesfarmers Curragh Mine acquires SOS to optimize spares for this large coal mining site.


2017 News:


Nyrstar Pt Pirie is using SOS to establish and optimize spares for its $700million dollar expansion of this lead processing site.


Golden Bay Cement acquires SOS to optimize spares in this New Zealand site.


2016 News:


The latest versions of RCM Turbo now included Work Instructions documents generated in Word for direct output from workgroups. A Work Procedures module which includes images within the RCM Turbo database is also available.


Rio Tinto Technology and Innovation have acquired RCM Turbo for analysis of unique new mining technologies.



2011 News:


Brand new versions of RCM Turbo and SOS are now available to licensed users. The releases are now v14x.




Australia Post has acquired both RCM Turbo and SOS to improve the reliability of Australia’s mail processing centres.





At Pt Pirie in South Australia, Nyrstar has implemented SOS to identify and optimize critical spares levels.



Strategic has continued to roll out its products within the worldwide sites of Vale Inco recently receiving commitments to install RCM Turbo at the Massive MANITOBA complex



Recently implemented SOS at the Nuclear Waste Re processing site in Aiken SC Strategic Worked in collaboration with Parsons Engineering in planning for this Greenfield site.


SWPF DOE as a result of SOS site work Strategic also implemented RCM Turbo with Energy Solutions/ Parsons for this critical DOE site


RIO TINTO Talc Division implemented SOS in their US operation The Project was a direct outgrowth of Strategic providing SOS earlier to a sister company Kennecott Copper at the largest open cut site in the world (it can be easily discerned from Space.) Rio Tonto Talc are using the new NET BASED SOS SaaS)



RCM Turbo has been selected for this massive project to be completed across the straits between Sicily and the Italian mainland.


CDC, a division of Transfield, has purchased RCM Turbo and SOS for continued work on some of the huge Qatar Petroleum assets.


INFO VENTURE DOHA Qatar has acquired RCM Turbo and SOS to complete contracts on the QP onshore pipeline assets.


Strategic recently completed training in MRO Optimization in Kuwait for the giant KNOC organization. 


Strategic has recently received several contracts for completion of Reliability work in the North American sites of HOLCIM cement, including a special interface between its applications and the SAP PM module (Strategic is a SAP certified for integration with SAP applications. Holcim NA already have a Corporate licence for both RCM Turbo and SOS.


ST GOBAIN ISOVER Denmark have implemented RCM Turbo and SOS and are looking to spread their


DOW Chemical have recently begun to move across to the MSSQL versions of SOS and RCMT DOW CHEMICAL has a Worldwide licence for RCM Turbo and SOS "and it complements their IT initiatives"


Strategic is ISO 1901 02008 certified and recently completed its annual audit


Strategic has begun collaboration with Jacobs Engineering Europe in supporting its Reliability Work with ESSENT Power Generation sites in the Benelux and also its Reliability work at E.ON, Europe’s largest Power Utility.


CEBRACE Brazil (the largest manufacturer of Automobile windows) recently Installed the MSSQL versions of RCM Turbo and SOS.


ALCOA Jamaica recently implemented the SOS process at its Jamaica Operations.


STRATEGIC has now released a NET based ( SaaS /Cloud version of its products for a very competitive monthly rental, This offering will complement our reliability improvement efforts and we continue to receive orders for INTRANET and traditional standalone systems.



To further enable clients to maximize their profits and Reliability, Strategic is now offering a comprehensive Maintenance Review using its A TEAM -  A  Total Enterprise Asset Management  product/service review.

 Strategic is offering a new packaged Review Expert Questionnaire that will define a Maintenance Audit that crosses over and reviews all of the silos of information. Strategic can then, if appropriate also assist clients to fine tune some of the conclusion to achieve step improvements.  

 BHP Billiton Olympic Dam has installed RCM Turbo and SOS version 12 in their Microsoft SQL Server environment.

 Rio Tinto Alcan installs RCM Turbo and SOS version 12 in the Microsoft SQL environment.

 Queensland Gas has acquired the Spares Optimisation System for use at its Condamine Power Station.

 Version 12 of both RCM Turbo and SOS released. These versions support MsSQL Server as well as MySQL Server and include some powerful enhancements to the work grouping area within RCM Turbo. Version 12 has also been strengthened to perform well across wide area networks.


March 2009


RCM Turbo and SOS are now available for use under Microsoft  SQL Server.


February 2009


Strategic has obtained SAP certification for RCM Turbo and SOS. The methodologies are now “SAP Certified with SAP Applications”.


August 2008


BHP Billiton’s GEMCO operations acquires RCM Turbo.


July 2008


Amcor Fibre Products invests in a corporate licence for RCM Turbo and SOS at its eleven sites.


April 2008


RCM Turbo v10.x SQL has now been released and forwarded to clients worldwide. For more information about this very significant release, email chris.kelly@strategicorp.com .


SOS has been implemented at BlueScope Steel in Pt Kembla. This site is the birthplace of SOS dating back to 1990.


March 2008


The Spares Optimisation System (SOS) has been acquired by Xstrata Copper and also by Xstrata Zinc in Mt Isa.


SOS has also been acquired by Worsley Alumina for application to its very large expansion project.



November 2007


The new SQL based release of RCM Turbo is in beta testing at User sites.


November 2007


Due to the unavailability of facilities at the Manly Pacific Novotel arising from a refurbishment, Strategic’s Annual Reliability Conference will be postponed to later in 2008. Further advice about new dates will be forward to Users in the near future.


October 2007


RCM Turbo in SQL format is nearing completion.


This 2007 version is based on the SQL database format and includes a range of enhancements that ensure RCM Turbo remains the leading methodology for optimizing maintenance practices.


Users of the SAP PM module will find that RCM Turbo will include a series of functions that facilitate the transfer of task and other data between the two systems.


Users of other CMMS systems will also be accommodated in the new version. Special configuration files will be provided which allow for the definition of corresponding tables and field names in any CMMS with those in RCM Turbo. Output and input files can be generated in a range of formats that will address the requirements of any CMMS.


The general user interface has changed such that the equipment ‘tree’ is always visible on the left. Navigation around a database has been considerably enhanced. There is now a ‘back’ button which takes you to the last screen used as well as a drop-down history of recently visited pages. This type of navigation has been made possible by the use of an ‘Apply’ function to save changes to any record.


There is no longer a need to complete an entire record anywhere in the system. It is possible to simply enter a PU or MI or FM number and no other information if required. Incomplete failure mode records are displayed with a cross-out icon to remind users that there is a need for further data entry and optimisation of the failure mode.


The Hidden Failure module has been enhanced so that each element of the analysis is accessed using TABS rather than the previous screen 1 and 2.


Considerable improvements have been made to the workflow functions. Now, optimising the frequency of a primary task ‘writes’ the frequency into the Primary Action screen. Thus, when the Auto Grouping function is used, all failure modes fitting into the specified grouping criteria will be included in the group with far fewer reminder errors. If there remain errors in Grouping, a list of these will appear on the screen as well as in a report so that users can correct any issues immediately.


In Auto Grouping, any existing groups and their full description now appear in a list. This removes any confusion about tasks which may have already been grouped.


The Update/Optimise Grouped Actions function now performs additional functions related to the eventual extraction of data for the CMMS.


The treatment of spares required to perform any tasks has been enhanced as has the display of Bills of Material. A spares ‘folder’ now appears on the equipment tree under each maintainable item.


Special display functions have been added so that users can select their own font and colour schemes for the software.


Copy/paste and drag/drop functions have been added. Now, when failure modes are duplicated within the same productive unit, ALL optimisation data is retained. When failure modes are duplicated in a different productive unit, only the failure mode and task information is copied.


The Windows functions CTRL/C and CTRL/V have been included.


The ability to copy and paste between different databases has been included.


The failure mode library function has been enhanced considerably both for external, corporate libraries and for internal file libraries.


Special data import spreadsheets are included which address the new SQL format.


 A powerful conversion program has been developed to take existing RCM Turbo files and prepare them for use with the new version. Special data verification processes are included to ensure the quality of converted files.


The MySQL database comes with special tools including the MySQL Administrator and the MySQL Query Browser. The Administrator allows for User definition as well as providing facilities to allow read-only and other defined access not just in a global sense but down to file level. Formal backup and restore facilities are also provided.


The Query Browser allows for the quick generation of ad-hoc reports of any kind.



August 2007


Strategic has funded formal SAP certification for RCM Turbo and SOS.


July 2007


Holcim Cement has acquired a corporate licence for the use of RCM Turbo and SOS at all of its North American sites.










is currently available in English,





 and Hungarian.









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